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We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to the Homenovator website – a blog.

This blog will help us share our knowledge on home renovation and remodeling with you. Allowing us to give you the latest information on remodeling trends, decor, DIY tips and solutions and the latest news on Homenovator.

We’ve been listening to our clients and not only do you want an easy way to find reliable contractors for your next project, you also want authoritative information of what you can do next. That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog to three things.

  1. Inspiring Our Clients
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As a homeowner your home should be an extension of your personal tastes and style, we get that. That’s why we’re dedicating this blog not only to be a one-stop destination for information on design and decor. But also as a way to share design inspiration with you – inspiration that will help you decide what your next renovation or remodeling project should be.

Discover What’s Trending

We want to keep you abreast with the latest housing and design trends. But since trends are always changing we’re committed to finding the trends that’ll help you make the most of your home. Whether those are tech trends, decor trends, remodeling trends or gardening and exterior trends. Your home will look both on-trend and timeless if you follow the trends we’ll recommend on this blog.

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At Homenovator we’re always trying to improve and enhance our platform for both our home renovation clients and our contractors. We’re always interested in hearing what our clients have to say and then we work tirelessly to implement those changes. Giving you a seamless and hassle-free way to work on your next home renovation project.

We’ll be sharing all the latest developments, news and changes when they’re launched.

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You can then read our latest articles or decide to narrow your search based on our categories which include “exterior”, “interior” and “home tech”.

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Stunning Styling Tips For Your Living Room

What would your home be without the living room? This social space is often overlooked as the interior design staple it is. But in most homes in America it’s one of the most frequently used rooms – and it shows. Walk into any living room and you’ll immediately notice that it certainly is a family’s favorite “hang out” spot. For that very reason this part of the home should be attended to as much as any other part of the home. Think of all the guests you’ll host, all the family gatherings you’ll have and all the evenings you and your family will spend chilling on the couch. The living room has to exude style and elegance while being  practical. That way you won’t fear messing up the design while spend your time on the sofa.

These are our tips to make your living room into a showstopping masterpiece while maintaining its everyday functionalism.

  1. Get Core Features that Are Consistent in Design

In every living room there are two core pieces – the sofa and the coffee table. You don’t really have a living room without these. So, these should be the most practical. To get an idea of what pieces to add or replace, think color, design and texture.

Color: What colors would be practical yet add to the aesthetic of the home? If you love to entertain or you have children a white sofa isn’t practical. If you’ve already decided on a white sofa get slipcovers to preserve the sofa. That way when the inevitable happens – and it will happen – you’re prepared.

Design: If you’d like your home to feel complete the furniture in your living room should be similar to that in the rest of the home, giving the space a cohesive feel. Besides that, the furniture in the living room itself should be similar in shape and size. For example, if you have a corner unit (which is usually quite square) you’ll need a rectangular or square coffee table instead of a round one.

Texture: Texture, although rarely considered actually makes the most difference in making your home feel complete. There are a variety of textures that can give your living room a different feel entirely and help you achieve your design goals. Think leather and wood, these generally have an association of warmth or cosiness, like you’d find in a cabin.

  1. Be Creative With Focal Design Elements

Having a focal point gives the room more depth and intrigue. If you want to create a masterpiece living space add one or two features to the room. These can be as simple as the furniture itself, artwork or miscellaneous pieces like pianos or chandeliers. These pieces will liven up a room. However, be sure it’s only one or two focal items otherwise the space will feel cluttered.

  1. Accessorize With Paintings, Photo Collages, Plants and Ornaments

To give the place a homely touch and make it unique, accessorize it. Add paintings, canvas prints or family photos. Plants and vases will give your space a modern, airy feel whereas lighting like lamps or candles do a great job at making the living room feel intimate and cosy.

You could also choose to accessorize with off-color seats, rugs and even end tables.

You can pour as much creativity as you like into your living space, however, you should always keep core features simple and timeless. Ensuring that before you bring any additional pieces into your living room you’ve made room for them so it doesn’t become cluttered.

Turn Your Patio Or Deck Into The Entertaining Space You Know It Can Be

Outdoor living spaces have always been common. But instead of having a sofa for your dog, a swing chair and a pot plant, they’re starting to take on the style and elegance which is becoming common in American homes.

Everyone wants an outdoor space that’s just as functional and inviting as their interior. As these present the perfect entertainment areas in your home. Invite your friends over for drinks, gaze at the stars in the evening or enjoy the fresh morning dew from your private lookout.

None of this will be as pleasant if your patio or deck is a nightmare of worn out material and furniture that creaks when you sit on it.

But, fear not, because we’ve created a list of ways to transform your patio or deck into the outdoor space you know it can be.

  • Renovate Your Patio or Deck

Before you can begin transforming your deck or patio into the lively outdoor space you know it can be, you should have it renovated or redone. Over time your patio and deck will become worn out. Your deck will likely become creaky, the varnished wood faded and it may be even damaged. The patio is probably similar – after years of neglect it probably looks like a block of cement or paving in your backyard. It’s time to call in professionals to redo your patio or your deck. Using a site like homenovator.com you’ll be able to submit your project and ensure your patio or deck is completed to your standard.

  • Cover Your Patio With A Pergola

Another job for your contractor is to set up a pergola. This beautiful covering can give your outdoor space that cosy feel you’ve wanted, and can make it an all season space. Pergola’s have a way of making the space feel instantly elegant and timeless. Finish yours off with vines or fresh coat of white paint.

  • Liven Up The Space With Lighting

Lighting is both functional and beautiful. You can add standing lanterns, fairy lights and even lamps. Lighting adds a unique warmth to your patio or deck and allows the space to be used in the evening. You should probably avoid adding candles as they can become a fire hazard. In, addition, you want the space to feel warm and inviting so ensure security lights aren’t your only option and that you can turn them off when you’re using the space. Remember, if lighting needs to be installed it’s best that you call in the pros.

  • Decorate The Space With Practical Pieces

Now that you’ve got the lighting sorted, move on to adding furniture. Outdoor furniture should have a neutral tone and be crafted with natural material where possible. Avoid plastic chairs and tables for your deck or patio as these can look tacky and distasteful. A simple outdoor two seater with a coffee table should do the trick. Or create a really intimate feel for gatherings by placing seating in a square and a lovely fire pit or basket in the center.

When the air is crisp you’ll certainly understand why the fire pit was a good idea.

Once you’ve completed the space the best part begins… Enjoying a sunset, cuddling up under the stars or inviting friends over to show off the space.

4 Kitchen Appliance Trends For 2019

2019 is definitely the year to upgrade your kitchen. Not only are many of the trends coming out this year chic and timeless, they’re also about to make your life in the kitchen that much easier.

To help you navigate the hottest trends of the year we’ve created a list of the best home appliance trends coming out in 2019.

These trends are already making their way to most of the biggest brands in the industry. And will allow you to control everything in the kitchen with fewer controls. Becoming a master-chef has just become that much simpler.

So, what will be the biggest trends in 2019?

#1. Smart Faucets for Exact Measurements

At CES this year Kohler revealed their smart faucet. A faucet that can be controlled with your choice of voice command app and will dispense exact measurements of water. So whether you need a gallon, a quart or a pint Kohler Sensate Faucet has that covered.

#2. Touch Controls for Ovens

Turning dials and clicking buttons is out and has now been replaced with touch controls. Touch controls have come to every appliance in the home and in many cases can be synced to your smartphone so you won’t even need to be in the room, in the home even in the street to get your appliance to work. You can simply use an app to turn on your appliances, set temperatures and pre-heat while you’re in traffic.

#3. Synced Appliance That Make Dinner Easier

If you’ve been dreaming about cooking mains, sides and desserts effortlessly, then you’ll be glad that you can easily sync your appliances and get all of these dishes on the table at the same time. Syncing appliances ensures each appliance is at the right temperature, and on the right setting for the dish it’s preparing. Allowing each dish to arrive at the dinner table at the same time.

#4: Home-Brewed Beer For Your Unique Craft Beer

Homemade beer brewing took off in 2018 but it’s becoming even smarter and less complex this year. You’ll love brewing your own beer and dispensing it “bar” style with LG HomeBrew smart beer brewer.

All-in-all the kitchen trends making the biggest splash this year are the ones that are intuitive, have a sleek design and are built to integrate seamlessly with your other smart devices. Plus they’ve made cooking, brewing, baking and all the other fun stuff you’ll get up to in the kitchen that much easier.

The Best Tech Upgrades For Your Smart Home

Whether your home already has some smart features or it doesn’t this list will have everything you need to take on this tech revolution with style.

Tech features make navigating simple tasks in your home more convenient, they’re also great at securing your home.

Our list has something for everyone, including the least tech savvy homeowner you know.

Let’s dive into the list

Top 5 Tech Features To Add To Your Home In 2019

There are a number of tech features you can add to a home to make it more livable and even increase its value. We’ve created a list of 5 of the best tech features to add to your home.

  • Smart Shades

Migrating from regular shades to smart shades can be a bit pricey. However, smart shades are a great option for the elderly, disabled or even for child safety. These work great for concealed windows and can be operated by voice control or remote. Our favorite has to be the Lutron Serena Remote Controlled shades.

  • Smart Doorbells

Say farewell to your ding-dong doorbell or your old school door knocker, now you’ll be able to hear and see who’s at the door. Some of these systems even come with face recognition.

Like the Nest Hello that integrates with Google Home speakers and Nest Cam IQ Indoor. You’ll never have to ask “who is it?” again.

  • Smart Lighting

Don’t concern yourself with going through your home when evening sets in to turn on all the lights – you can turn on and manage the brightness of each from your smartphone. To do this you’ll need to start by purchasing the smart bulbs, which usually come in a starter pack that include the set that gets these bulbs working. In this case the Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit will do. With smart lights you can also with smart devices you can also set up timers so you know when they should go on and when they’ll turn off.

  • Smart Sensors

Certainly the best security staple available. Smart sensors can detect suspicious movement in your home or its perimeter and implement deterrent measures. Or alert a security company. You can also be alerted about other hazardous events, like fire or your home temperature nearing freezing. One of the best options available – that offers 24/7 monitoring – is the Nest Secure DIY home security system. They offer pre-selected packages or you can create your own  based on what your home needs.

  • Motion Sensing Video Recording

If you want to take your smart detection to the next level and ensure your home isn’t being trespassed or ransacked by intruders while you’re away on vacation or a business trip. Many of these smart cameras offer crisp 1080p videos and are triggered by motion. Like Amazon’s Cloud Cam which also allows you to store footage for up to 24 hours.

Not A DIY Expert? No Problem. Hire A Homenovator Contractor.

Even though many of these features tout themselves as being easy to install and can be done by anyone that certainly isn’t the case. At least not in all circumstances. What we’ve found is that many of our contractors have to re-install systems because clients weren’t able to get it right the first time. And if you’ve got to drill, hammer or hack at anything – it’s best to let a pro handle it.

Pro’s you can find on Homenovator.com that will help you install your smart features easily and quickly.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space With A Beautiful Deck

If your backyard is just a wide open space, that isn’t really being utilized your best option is to add a patio or deck that’ll make the space more appealing.

Many older homes were built with large open outdoor spaces – as that’s what appealed to  growing families in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The backyard was a place for the kids to play with the dog, play with friends or just sit under the shade of a tree, the landscape would only feature two things: green grass and an old tree.

As many homeowners snatch up these older homes, they’re looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces, so it no longer feels like a wide open space and more like a living space. An area that matches the rest of the home.

That’s where a deck or patio comes in.

Benefits Of Adding A Deck Or Patio:

  • Create A Designated Entertainment Space

Instead of having a big open space and having to bring out a table, chairs and all of that when you decide to barbeque or enjoy the outdoors. Your patio or deck will provide your home with a sectioned off living space like a living room in your backyard. You’ll be able to furnish it, decorate it and enjoy the company of friends and family in a natural setting. Plus, it’ll just sound cool to say, “let’s go out to the deck.”

  • Add Visual Interest In The Backyard

Instead of looking out onto a wide, vacant space. That’s cluttered with leaves and possibly toys a patio or deck is a great way to make your backyard visually appealing without having to add a garden. You’ll also find that your home feels more complete as you’re essentially making a space that can give your home the indoor-outdoor flow that’s become popular in recent years.

  • Increase Sale Value

If you do decide to sell your home, the fact that you’ve added a deck or patio to the exterior shows that you care about the space. Most home buyers want a space that feels updated, modern and fresh. And there’s no better way to make the exterior of your home feel that way than with a designated entertainment, or lounging area.

Should You Do-It-Yourself or Hire A Contractor

If you’re building a deck you definitely want to hire a contractor find the perfect fit for your job on homenovator.com, we will match you with the best contractor for your project.

They’re able to ensure you’re building it up to code. The space will look far more professional if done by a professional and will stand the test of time.

Which Is Better A Patio, A Deck or A Raised Deck?

If you live on an uneven plot, you should probably opt for a deck. However, if you want a “garden room” or a place among your plants and shrubbery a patio is certainly a better option. But, it’s best to envision the space you want to create. A raised deck, offers a bit of both, so you don’t have to choose between a patio or a deck.

Once you’ve added the deck or patio you’ll be glad you did. Fall, Spring and Summer are all better with a lovely outdoor space. In some cases even winter as long as you cosy up under a throw and keep the fire going.

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Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends This Year

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