4 Kitchen Appliance Trends For 2019

2019 is definitely the year to upgrade your kitchen. Not only are many of the trends coming out this year chic and timeless, they’re also about to make your life in the kitchen that much easier.

To help you navigate the hottest trends of the year we’ve created a list of the best home appliance trends coming out in 2019.

These trends are already making their way to most of the biggest brands in the industry. And will allow you to control everything in the kitchen with fewer controls. Becoming a master-chef has just become that much simpler.

So, what will be the biggest trends in 2019?

#1. Smart Faucets for Exact Measurements

At CES this year Kohler revealed their smart faucet. A faucet that can be controlled with your choice of voice command app and will dispense exact measurements of water. So whether you need a gallon, a quart or a pint Kohler Sensate Faucet has that covered.

#2. Touch Controls for Ovens

Turning dials and clicking buttons is out and has now been replaced with touch controls. Touch controls have come to every appliance in the home and in many cases can be synced to your smartphone so you won’t even need to be in the room, in the home even in the street to get your appliance to work. You can simply use an app to turn on your appliances, set temperatures and pre-heat while you’re in traffic.

#3. Synced Appliance That Make Dinner Easier

If you’ve been dreaming about cooking mains, sides and desserts effortlessly, then you’ll be glad that you can easily sync your appliances and get all of these dishes on the table at the same time. Syncing appliances ensures each appliance is at the right temperature, and on the right setting for the dish it’s preparing. Allowing each dish to arrive at the dinner table at the same time.

#4: Home-Brewed Beer For Your Unique Craft Beer

Homemade beer brewing took off in 2018 but it’s becoming even smarter and less complex this year. You’ll love brewing your own beer and dispensing it “bar” style with LG HomeBrew smart beer brewer.

All-in-all the kitchen trends making the biggest splash this year are the ones that are intuitive, have a sleek design and are built to integrate seamlessly with your other smart devices. Plus they’ve made cooking, brewing, baking and all the other fun stuff you’ll get up to in the kitchen that much easier.