Turn Your Patio Or Deck Into The Entertaining Space You Know It Can Be

Outdoor living spaces have always been common. But instead of having a sofa for your dog, a swing chair and a pot plant, they’re starting to take on the style and elegance which is becoming common in American homes.

Everyone wants an outdoor space that’s just as functional and inviting as their interior. As these present the perfect entertainment areas in your home. Invite your friends over for drinks, gaze at the stars in the evening or enjoy the fresh morning dew from your private lookout.

None of this will be as pleasant if your patio or deck is a nightmare of worn out material and furniture that creaks when you sit on it.

But, fear not, because we’ve created a list of ways to transform your patio or deck into the outdoor space you know it can be.

  • Renovate Your Patio or Deck

Before you can begin transforming your deck or patio into the lively outdoor space you know it can be, you should have it renovated or redone. Over time your patio and deck will become worn out. Your deck will likely become creaky, the varnished wood faded and it may be even damaged. The patio is probably similar – after years of neglect it probably looks like a block of cement or paving in your backyard. It’s time to call in professionals to redo your patio or your deck. Using a site like homenovator.com you’ll be able to submit your project and ensure your patio or deck is completed to your standard.

  • Cover Your Patio With A Pergola

Another job for your contractor is to set up a pergola. This beautiful covering can give your outdoor space that cosy feel you’ve wanted, and can make it an all season space. Pergola’s have a way of making the space feel instantly elegant and timeless. Finish yours off with vines or fresh coat of white paint.

  • Liven Up The Space With Lighting

Lighting is both functional and beautiful. You can add standing lanterns, fairy lights and even lamps. Lighting adds a unique warmth to your patio or deck and allows the space to be used in the evening. You should probably avoid adding candles as they can become a fire hazard. In, addition, you want the space to feel warm and inviting so ensure security lights aren’t your only option and that you can turn them off when you’re using the space. Remember, if lighting needs to be installed it’s best that you call in the pros.

  • Decorate The Space With Practical Pieces

Now that you’ve got the lighting sorted, move on to adding furniture. Outdoor furniture should have a neutral tone and be crafted with natural material where possible. Avoid plastic chairs and tables for your deck or patio as these can look tacky and distasteful. A simple outdoor two seater with a coffee table should do the trick. Or create a really intimate feel for gatherings by placing seating in a square and a lovely fire pit or basket in the center.

When the air is crisp you’ll certainly understand why the fire pit was a good idea.

Once you’ve completed the space the best part begins… Enjoying a sunset, cuddling up under the stars or inviting friends over to show off the space.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space With A Beautiful Deck

If your backyard is just a wide open space, that isn’t really being utilized your best option is to add a patio or deck that’ll make the space more appealing.

Many older homes were built with large open outdoor spaces – as that’s what appealed to  growing families in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The backyard was a place for the kids to play with the dog, play with friends or just sit under the shade of a tree, the landscape would only feature two things: green grass and an old tree.

As many homeowners snatch up these older homes, they’re looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces, so it no longer feels like a wide open space and more like a living space. An area that matches the rest of the home.

That’s where a deck or patio comes in.

Benefits Of Adding A Deck Or Patio:

  • Create A Designated Entertainment Space

Instead of having a big open space and having to bring out a table, chairs and all of that when you decide to barbeque or enjoy the outdoors. Your patio or deck will provide your home with a sectioned off living space like a living room in your backyard. You’ll be able to furnish it, decorate it and enjoy the company of friends and family in a natural setting. Plus, it’ll just sound cool to say, “let’s go out to the deck.”

  • Add Visual Interest In The Backyard

Instead of looking out onto a wide, vacant space. That’s cluttered with leaves and possibly toys a patio or deck is a great way to make your backyard visually appealing without having to add a garden. You’ll also find that your home feels more complete as you’re essentially making a space that can give your home the indoor-outdoor flow that’s become popular in recent years.

  • Increase Sale Value

If you do decide to sell your home, the fact that you’ve added a deck or patio to the exterior shows that you care about the space. Most home buyers want a space that feels updated, modern and fresh. And there’s no better way to make the exterior of your home feel that way than with a designated entertainment, or lounging area.

Should You Do-It-Yourself or Hire A Contractor

If you’re building a deck you definitely want to hire a contractor find the perfect fit for your job on homenovator.com, we will match you with the best contractor for your project.

They’re able to ensure you’re building it up to code. The space will look far more professional if done by a professional and will stand the test of time.

Which Is Better A Patio, A Deck or A Raised Deck?

If you live on an uneven plot, you should probably opt for a deck. However, if you want a “garden room” or a place among your plants and shrubbery a patio is certainly a better option. But, it’s best to envision the space you want to create. A raised deck, offers a bit of both, so you don’t have to choose between a patio or a deck.

Once you’ve added the deck or patio you’ll be glad you did. Fall, Spring and Summer are all better with a lovely outdoor space. In some cases even winter as long as you cosy up under a throw and keep the fire going.