Stunning Styling Tips For Your Living Room

What would your home be without the living room? This social space is often overlooked as the interior design staple it is. But in most homes in America it’s one of the most frequently used rooms – and it shows. Walk into any living room and you’ll immediately notice that it certainly is a family’s favorite “hang out” spot. For that very reason this part of the home should be attended to as much as any other part of the home. Think of all the guests you’ll host, all the family gatherings you’ll have and all the evenings you and your family will spend chilling on the couch. The living room has to exude style and elegance while being  practical. That way you won’t fear messing up the design while spend your time on the sofa.

These are our tips to make your living room into a showstopping masterpiece while maintaining its everyday functionalism.

  1. Get Core Features that Are Consistent in Design

In every living room there are two core pieces – the sofa and the coffee table. You don’t really have a living room without these. So, these should be the most practical. To get an idea of what pieces to add or replace, think color, design and texture.

Color: What colors would be practical yet add to the aesthetic of the home? If you love to entertain or you have children a white sofa isn’t practical. If you’ve already decided on a white sofa get slipcovers to preserve the sofa. That way when the inevitable happens – and it will happen – you’re prepared.

Design: If you’d like your home to feel complete the furniture in your living room should be similar to that in the rest of the home, giving the space a cohesive feel. Besides that, the furniture in the living room itself should be similar in shape and size. For example, if you have a corner unit (which is usually quite square) you’ll need a rectangular or square coffee table instead of a round one.

Texture: Texture, although rarely considered actually makes the most difference in making your home feel complete. There are a variety of textures that can give your living room a different feel entirely and help you achieve your design goals. Think leather and wood, these generally have an association of warmth or cosiness, like you’d find in a cabin.

  1. Be Creative With Focal Design Elements

Having a focal point gives the room more depth and intrigue. If you want to create a masterpiece living space add one or two features to the room. These can be as simple as the furniture itself, artwork or miscellaneous pieces like pianos or chandeliers. These pieces will liven up a room. However, be sure it’s only one or two focal items otherwise the space will feel cluttered.

  1. Accessorize With Paintings, Photo Collages, Plants and Ornaments

To give the place a homely touch and make it unique, accessorize it. Add paintings, canvas prints or family photos. Plants and vases will give your space a modern, airy feel whereas lighting like lamps or candles do a great job at making the living room feel intimate and cosy.

You could also choose to accessorize with off-color seats, rugs and even end tables.

You can pour as much creativity as you like into your living space, however, you should always keep core features simple and timeless. Ensuring that before you bring any additional pieces into your living room you’ve made room for them so it doesn’t become cluttered.

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