The Best Tech Upgrades For Your Smart Home

Whether your home already has some smart features or it doesn’t this list will have everything you need to take on this tech revolution with style.

Tech features make navigating simple tasks in your home more convenient, they’re also great at securing your home.

Our list has something for everyone, including the least tech savvy homeowner you know.

Let’s dive into the list

Top 5 Tech Features To Add To Your Home In 2019

There are a number of tech features you can add to a home to make it more livable and even increase its value. We’ve created a list of 5 of the best tech features to add to your home.

  • Smart Shades

Migrating from regular shades to smart shades can be a bit pricey. However, smart shades are a great option for the elderly, disabled or even for child safety. These work great for concealed windows and can be operated by voice control or remote. Our favorite has to be the Lutron Serena Remote Controlled shades.

  • Smart Doorbells

Say farewell to your ding-dong doorbell or your old school door knocker, now you’ll be able to hear and see who’s at the door. Some of these systems even come with face recognition.

Like the Nest Hello that integrates with Google Home speakers and Nest Cam IQ Indoor. You’ll never have to ask “who is it?” again.

  • Smart Lighting

Don’t concern yourself with going through your home when evening sets in to turn on all the lights – you can turn on and manage the brightness of each from your smartphone. To do this you’ll need to start by purchasing the smart bulbs, which usually come in a starter pack that include the set that gets these bulbs working. In this case the Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit will do. With smart lights you can also with smart devices you can also set up timers so you know when they should go on and when they’ll turn off.

  • Smart Sensors

Certainly the best security staple available. Smart sensors can detect suspicious movement in your home or its perimeter and implement deterrent measures. Or alert a security company. You can also be alerted about other hazardous events, like fire or your home temperature nearing freezing. One of the best options available – that offers 24/7 monitoring – is the Nest Secure DIY home security system. They offer pre-selected packages or you can create your own  based on what your home needs.

  • Motion Sensing Video Recording

If you want to take your smart detection to the next level and ensure your home isn’t being trespassed or ransacked by intruders while you’re away on vacation or a business trip. Many of these smart cameras offer crisp 1080p videos and are triggered by motion. Like Amazon’s Cloud Cam which also allows you to store footage for up to 24 hours.

Not A DIY Expert? No Problem. Hire A Homenovator Contractor.

Even though many of these features tout themselves as being easy to install and can be done by anyone that certainly isn’t the case. At least not in all circumstances. What we’ve found is that many of our contractors have to re-install systems because clients weren’t able to get it right the first time. And if you’ve got to drill, hammer or hack at anything – it’s best to let a pro handle it.

Pro’s you can find on that will help you install your smart features easily and quickly.