Why is it so cold in here?

As a contractor for many years I have heard this more times than I can say. It is also usually the first cold days of the season. There are many reason you may feel cold.

The first I would check would be the maintenance of your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Weather you have a boiler, forced air or a heat pump they should all be inspected for peak performance and efficiency by a licensed professional regularly. Many HVAC companies also offer annual and semi annual service contracts.

The second are the penetration in homes wall systems. We call these windows and doors. Over time, window and door seals become old and air begins to infiltrate through the homes walls. Sometimes this is just a maintenance issue such as caulking. Sometime it is more serious such as the age of the windows and doors. We all know nothing lasts forever. It is highly recommended that all home owners have their homes inspected by professionals. Hopefully maintenance is just needed and this could save you more money on your energy bills than the inspection and work costs.

The third is attic and wall insulation. Older homes often lack wall and attic insulation

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Stay warm out there!

Christian Luque
Licensed Virginia Contractor